Cubesat COTS EPS

Thanks to our experience with European academic projects ( 3U,  1U nano-satellites) ASED can provide custom tailored REDUNDANT Electrical Power Subsystem made of commercial available parts (COTS). The system can be user tailored in shape of  a 1 -3U size PCB or in the two PCBs – 1U size.

Our EPS solution  includes:

  • Battery charging with MPPT (Over current , over voltage protected)
  • Power Distribution Unit with LCLs
  • 12 V Main bus (30Watts continuous, LCL protected )
  • 3,3 – 5V  DC output, 2 x 2A (Main,Redundant ),  LCL Protected.
  • User defined output (6 – 1,8V*, LCL protected)
  • User defined connector or standard PC104 connector

Each output has an over voltage protection and over current protection. In case of any events like over-current switch-off  or SEE disturbance the system is self re-triggered after defined period of time. No user action needed to recover the system.

Our EPS provide a digital telemetry data via I2C interface ( Solar Array Voltage, Battery current, Battery Voltage,  EPS Temperature). Binary outputs status are also available ( charging,  user predefined alarm levels).

Our system is fully redundant and works in stand-alone mode. Each part of the system including internal supply is redundant and carefully designed with  a Single Point Failure Free approach.


Key benefits:

  • The Essence of Pure Hardware design with SPF approach
  • No software,  No firmware
  • Redundant outputs
  • Redundant Battery
  • Nanoracks/NASA compilant

More details available soon.
*Contact us to get more information.