For our future Projects we are looking for Space experienced people in such fields like Electronics design, Thermal design, Mechanical design. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will find the best way for our cooperation ( Permanent contract, Freelancer, Home office, etc).
Krzysztof Krawczyk – Christopher was the first Polish Staff at ESA, and the first Polish YGT. In 2008 as a Master Sc. Eng. he joined TEC-EPS Power and Energy Conversion Division in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. He was analyzing there impact of a Beam-Out effect on BeepiColombo Power System. Another his task was design of high output accuracy DC/DC converter for the Sentinel-1 Radar Power supply. One year later Christopher moved to Germany and joined an Advanced Space Power Equipment  Company in Salem-Neufrach.
He has worked there for 7 years as a Power Electronics design engineer. His main duty was designing different type of Power Units / Modules for the  space missions such as: Power Distribution Units or Instrument Power Units including DC/DC converters, Calibration Units, Latching current limiters, High Voltage converters, or Ion thrusting Power supplies.
In 2016 Christopher left Germany and moved to USA to finalize his dream to ride coast to coast across US on bike.
After his successful mission he has came back to his Family Town Wrocław, Poland and established an ASED company. He is supporting now the Polish space companies providing them his  experience.
Hilario Pisani – Hillario has been working as power electronics designer since 2011, first as researcher in the Polytechnic University of Madrid (2010-2012), later since 2013 as a Power Electronics eng. At that time he got in to the space business joining the  Advanced Space Power Equipment company, in Germany. After 3 years spent in ASP he has moved in 2015 to Thales Alenia Space in Belgium, where he was working as Power Electronics Design engineer. In 2016 he left Belgium and joined Airbus Defense and Space in Spain. During all this time since 2013 he was designing different types of the power supplies and electronic systems for the space applications.
Hillario among his functions in the company designs, simulates and tests the power supplies and participate in all the activities carried out in the laboratory for electronic design, assembly and electronics integration area.